Bell 412 (X-Plane 11)


X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 11

X-plane 11 has been thin on the ground for helicopters despite having one of the best helicopter flight models in the flight simulator category. We did a review on the only helicopter that came with our copy of X-plane 11 a few months back , the Sikorsky S-76. A great helicopter this is, it's always nice to have a selection to fly. X-Trident kindly sent us the X-Plane 11 version of their excellent Bell 412 Helicopter for us to review.


The interior is well modelled, it's an interactive cockpit with clickable buttons and switches which work. Small attention to detail with wear visible on the pedals, the woodlike texyture on the collective and great lighting effects with reflections on the dashboard. So much work has been put into the interior and it shows. Doors also open and close. (Click on images to enlarge)

vlcsnap 2018 01 28 10h21m40s746 vlcsnap 2018 01 28 10h42m38s531


The rotor blades are an area of high complexity, there are so many parts attached to it and the animation is key to a realistic look as it is one of the key components of a rotor aircraft. Again as with the interior, this has been done in fine detail, animation of the rotor blades and the tail rotor are as real as you would see on any helicopter. The air frame reactivity is spot on, the way you see the wear on the body, the rivets where the parts of the aircraft have been attached to the man body all add to the realistic look. (Click on images to enlarge)

vlcsnap 2018 01 28 10h43m08s777 vlcsnap 2018 01 28 10h22m27s946


The chopping of the air by the rotor blades makes you think you are actually sitting in the helicopter, also when you open a door the sound realistically reflects this and the volume and intensity of the rotor blades spinning outside increase in volume, all these slight touches make this an awesome representation of this great flying machine.


Take off was nice and steady, flight controls are responsive, no twitch or many corrections required. It's a pleasure to fly and although not as challenging as flying a DCS gazelle, it's like driving a Jaguar, nice and refined,  comfortable ride :-) Landing a helicopter always takes skill and this flight dynamics are spot on, landing is still a time for concentration and a cool head. 

vlcsnap 2018 01 28 10h43m12s787


See it in action with our video review.

Watch the the X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane in action with our video review. Click below to watch on youtube



8.5/10. A great helicopter, looks great, flies perfectly, authentic sounds and one of our favourite helicopters for both the X-plane series. Also x-trident are always helpful with any questions and support so you will be in safe hands with this purchase!

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