FSX Dodsim Startup


The Dodosim bell 206 is in our opinion the best and most realistic helicopter available for FSX. A lot of other FSX helicopters do not have the correct phyics model. They do not include the most important part of helicopter flying an d that is VRS (vortex ring state). In reality vortex ring state is a dangerous condition that may arise in helicopter flight, when a vortex ring system engulfs the rotor causing severe loss of lift. More about VRS (vortex ring state here).Default helicopters in FSX do not model this and therefore are just too easy to land and unrealistic. The dodosim has these physics built in. You can get a physics patch for FSX which rectifies the default helicopters physics modes called Helicopter Total Realism here

For the video guide go here

Starting the Dodosim

It is easier to do this in the 2D views. GO to the view menu and select

View > Instrument Panel > Main Panel

View > Instrument Panel > Overhead

View > Instrument Panel > Radio Stack

View > Instrument Panel > Collective

Your Screen should look like this


1) Switch on the Battery



2) Turn off the Warning



3) Switch on Avionics, Heating, Lights



4) Open the Fuel Valve



5) Switch on Hydraulics, Caution lights and Anti Icing (if required)



6) AddThrottle



7) Press and hold the starter



8) Keep holding the starter until the Gas Producer is past 60, if you release too early and engine dies increase a little more throttle and repeat step 7.



9) Increase a little more throttle



10) Wait for the power turbine to be in the green area as below



11) Switch on the generator



12) Increase the throttle to 100% and you are ready to fly!



The VIDEO Guide:


The Bell 206 is a family of two-bladed, single- or twin-engined helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter at its Mirabel, Quebec plant. Originally developed as the Bell YOH-4 for the United States Army's Light Observation Helicopter program, it was not selected by the Army. Bell redesigned the airframe and successfully marketed the aircraft commercially as the five-place Bell 206A JetRanger. The new design was eventually selected by the Army as the OH-58 Kiowa. Bell also developed a seven-place LongRanger, which was later offered with a twin-engined option as the TwinRanger, while Tridair Helicopters offers a similar conversion of the LongRanger called the Gemini ST. The ICAO-assigned model designation "B06" is used on flight plans for the JetRanger and LongRanger, and the designation "B06T" is used for the twin-engined TwinRangers.

One of FSX's best helicopters the DODOSIM Bell 206. Click here for more info.


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