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Nemeth Designs joins Belsimtek, Miltech-5, Polychop, MP Design Studio and MaxFlightSticks in talking to Nemeth Designs has been around for over 14 years, they make a number of helicopters for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They offer both Freeware and Payware helicopters for Flight Simulator via their website. They have modelled a number of famous helicopters including the Chinook, Huey, Mil Mi-24V Hind, Sikorsky CH-53E, BO-105, MI-2 and many more. Check out the website for a full list!

We spoke to Nemeth, the owner of Nemeth Designs and asked him about his company, his helicopters and more. Read on to find out what he told us. 


Q. How long have you been creating helicopters for flight simulators ?

We started to work on helicopters around 2003, not long after Flight Simulator 2004 came out. We just found it lacking that there was only one helicopter in the program, the default Bell 206 and we wanted to add some variety to in for ourselves by creating new helicopters for it so we started to look into the SDK and not long after we came out with an Aerospatiale AS350. We uploaded it to a few places to see what people’s reaction were and to our surprise it was quite popular. It wasn’t a too complicated addon but it gave us an idea that we might develop somewhat more sophisticated models so we started to get into the development more seriously and we released our first payware addon for FS 2004 which was the Mil Mi-17.

Q. Which simulators do you make your helicopters for ?

We were focused on Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X later but we had a venture to X-Plane too with another developer. We took a “creative” break for some time in the last 1.5-2 years from all FS related developments but recently we just got into it again and some exiting new helicopters will come out in the near future and we plan to release those for both Flight Simulator X Steam Edition and Prepar3D. All of those projects were half finished already so luckily, we did not have to start from scratch.

Q. What drives you to make helicopters ?

Well, I answered this question partly in the first answer but our… my general interest for helicopters originates from much earlier. I remember going to military air shows when I was a child and those big Russian levitating army choppers always fascinated me as they flew away above me shaking the ground with their roars.

Q. What is your favourite helicopter in real life ?
Kamov Ka-26 (see below)

kamovka 26

Q. Which of your helicopters from Nemeth Design is in your opinion your best work ?

The most complicated one is the Mil Mi-24 (see below) for FSX and that one was into which we invested the most time and energy. But is not quite popular, probably for the same reason: too complicated. Financially the best is the Eurocopter EC-135. That is by far our most popular product.

mil 24

Q. Which software is used to make the helicopters ?

3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, Substance Painter are the main tools but of course we use many other programs for the organization of a project, starting from how we exchange files to how we make the final installers.

Q. Which simulator do you think is the best for helicopter simulation ?

As a user I think X-Plane and Prepar3D offer the most enjoyable experience but in regard of helicopter presentation both have limitations compared to how they support fixed wing plane engines. Most simmers are mainly focused on fixed wing planes so it is understandable that the developers of these “sandboxes” handle helicopters as just some “extra feature”

Q. Apart from your own designs which other helicopter across all formats x-plane/fsx/dcs/flightgear/p3d do you think most realistically reflects a real helicopter ?

To be honest, I barely try any other helicopters and not because I’m not interested or not because I think there are no other good helicopter addons out there. I have to fly our own stuffs during the developments to test and evaluate things so much that it fulfils my eagerness for flying helicopters just fine. I do use a lot of fixed wing plane addons though from various developers and it’s really amazing to see how far things came. Some of those addons are truly exceptional.

Q. Who tests your helicopters ?

In the early stages, only we developers test them in-house but in the last few months of the development when the helicopter start to become feature ready some very nice people help us to iron out as much errors as possible.

A review of a Nemeth Design Chinook can be viewed by clicking the link below :

Q. what controls do you use when flying ?

Currently, I use a Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick with TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals.

ThrustmasterT16000M     pedals

Further Information thanks Nemeth Designs for talking to We are very much looking forward to what they will be developing in the near future.


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