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MP Design Studio - Question and Answers


Here at we like to talk to the developer of helicopter simualtors for PC. This article talks to MP Design Studio who are producing some great helicpters for the PC. Check out our review of one of the awesome Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter here for P3D/FSX. We put the following questions to them about various topics. Read on and find out :

1. What does MP studio stand for?

Initials M & P are initial of first letter of our names. "Miloš" and "Predrag". We established MPDesignStudio.

2. How many in the team?

Two members are soul of MPDesignStudio and sometimes team is extended to more persons depending on amount of job we have to do.

3. How long has it been running?

We are running more than two years.

4. What simualtors do you make helicopters for?

For now we are just releasing add-ons for P3D and FSX. Also we are studying SDK of X-plane and you could expect some add-ons in future.

5. Which are you favourite helicopters?

We don't have any favorite helicopter because in each of them there is a hard work. We simply don't release add-on to be released... Giving a lot off efforts to study flight manuals, technical documents etc and that takes time but also gives realism to all our add-ons.

6. What software do you use to make the helicolpters ?

Many softwares are used in aircraft development... Blender, InkScape, Notepad++, many many more depending on what we have to do...

7. Who tests the flight dynamics?

Our chief tester is Miloš... He is a military helicopter pilot in Serbian Armed Forces who fly Gazelle, Mi-8 and Robinson R-44.
He is also leading programmer who developed that fantastic aerodynamic effects present in our add-ons. Those effects are not usual for almost all helicopter add-ons for FSX/P3D.

8. Which do you think is the best simulator out there for helicopters?

We believe that X-plane has a lot off potential for helicopter simulations. But many more things could be achieved in P3D if developers give a little more attention to their add-ons.

9.Which helicopters have you produced ?

We developed: Soko-Gazelle SA342, Aerospatiale Gazelle-SA342, Sikorsky S-55 and now Guimbal Cabri G2.

10. What future helicopters do you plane to release?

We are now developing Westland version of Gazelle and working on Lama helicopter. In future we are going to release Westland W-55, Mi-8, Mi-2, UH-1

So there you have it, lots to look forward to and based on what they have produced so far, we are really looking forward to flying some more of their simulators. Find out more about them at their official site here.