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About Miltech-5/Poly-Dynamics

Miltech-5/Poly-Dynamics develops high end Combat Simulations for DCS World. Their current project is the BO-105 PAH1A1/VBH/HKP-9/CBS-5 KLH helicopter, Read our preview of this awesome helicopter here and we have an exclusive interview with the the head and owner of Miltech-5 Oliver Michel!  

miltechmiltech black

Q. Which helicopters are you working on ?

A. In the Moment only BO-105. There's also so much to do for the other BO-105 versions.


Q. Which platforms are you developing helicopters for ?

A. Only DCS in the moment.

Q. Any plans to develop for P3d/FSX and x-plane ?

A. Was thinking about this. Basically I'm open for P3D but too eary to say.


Q. Whats you favorite simulator ?

A: Back then I was flying Falcon 4.0 on Amiga 500 till kindom come. It was real fun. Then I found DCS. I was really impressed about the quality and realism.So DCS is my favourite.

Falcon 4 cover

Falcon 4 - a classic on the Amiga Home Computer in the 1980s

Q.What software do you you to design the helicopters ?

A: I use 3DS Max 2014 x64, Photoshop CC 2017 and Substance Painter 2. Substance Painter is just for PBR Specular maps stuff but since 2 weeks I create all PBR Specular maps all by myself in Photoshop.
It's quicker .)


Q. Who tests the helicopters ? 

A: The BO-105 will be tested by 2 Former PAH Instructors, 4 Pilots and 2 BO-105 Maintainers.


Q. Whats' your favorite real life helicopter ?

A. My favorite Helicopter is defenitly the BO-105 just because of her flight ability - additionally it's a one of the helicopters where the Pilot have control over everything; not like in the new ones where you're up to computers

Q. What's the hardest helicopter simulator you have flown ?

A: Definitly DCS !


Q. What's the reason for liking helicopters ?

A: Since I was a kid I like helicopters due to my father working as an Air Traffic Controller in Kaufbeuren. There was a lot of air traffic and Airshows.
One day there was a BO-105 for a visit (i think it was in the 80ies) on one airshow and I immedeately felt in love.

Q. What was your first computer or console ?
A: That was an ATARI 2600 with Pac-Man.


above Olivers first gaming machine!


Q. What hardware do you own pc/console ?

A: Working PC: Windows 10 pro x64 i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz - 12 Gb RAM - NVIDIA Quadro K5200
SIM PC : Windows 10 Home x64 i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60 GHz - 16 Gb RAM - NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti

Q. Favorite game of all time ?

A: Half Life / Half-Life 2. I played both about a million times.


Who can forget Half Life 2!