MaxFlightStick question and answers

There is much hardware available on the market from manufacturers like Saitek, Thrustmaster and CH- Products. All are excellent products for flight simulation fans, however they don't really offer helicopter specific controllers and are mainly geared towards fixed wing aircraft. This is where MaxFlightStick come in. They do also produce Fixed Wing controllers but the difference here is that they also produce controllers for Helicopter Simulations. It's not just a joystick or yoke these are realsitic controllers with cyclic and collectives. In addition they also make them for specific helicopters like the AS350 , R22, Bell 206 for even more ultimate realism! We at wanted to find out more so we asked them a few questions.


1) Who are MaxFlightSticks ?
Maxflightstick belongs to Will Best (Electronics) ltd. Located in Hong Kong.


2) How long have you been making your products ?
In business for 40 years. Founded by my father (PHD EE UK)/ Weekend flight instructor. Our development of flight controls started around 13 years ago, early products were developed between my father and I (BSc Manufacturing Engineering UK). Recent years, all systems are developed by me, and my brother. (Commercial airline Captain)


3) Which platforms do your controllers support ?
Our controls support PC/MAC


4) Do they work with any helicopter simulators ?
Yes they work with all helicopter sims.


5) How long do the controllers last ?
Our lastest controls are designed to last forever with minimal maintenance.


6) How do you test them for durabilty ?
With our years of experience in producing sim controls, and access to real aircrafts. We build flight controls with great realism, and great durability.


7) Who tests the controllers for realism ?
I personally test flight every system before they get packed for shipments.


8) What is your preferred helicopter simulator ?


9) Which is your favorite helicopter on the pc ?
H500D has been my fav. chopper since I was a kid


10) Do you provide controllers for consoles as well as PC?

A few years back. A PS4 customer asked for a custom setup for PS4 Warthunder. That is the only one we did.

Here are a sample of some of these awesome helicopter controllers!

mfas350 bell206 Huey Fighter Extreme 2017 hueyx 2017

Check out the MaxFlightStick website for more information and to see more controllers here

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