Cera Sim


CERA SIM Interview


by Vito Caresimo

Another top developer talks to PCHelicopters.com. We spoke to Cera Sim a developer of helicopters for many years across a variety of simulators.

Q. How long have Cera Sim produced helicopters for ?

Our business was born in 2006. We have been working for 12 years in flight simulation.


Q. Which simulators to you develop for ?
We have develped product for FS2004/ FSX/ P3Dv4


Q. Are there plans to develop for the next gen sims like XP11, P3Dv4, Aerofly FS2 and DCS ?
We are working on platforms for FSX/P3Dv4 and we are looking to develop products for Xplane11 in the future.


Q. How much time does a typical helicopter take to develop from start to finish 
It take us about 2 years to develop a project. We first begin with research or material such as photos, videos and instruction guides. Then we develop the model in 3D the textures, animations, programming, flight dynamics. Sound and testing are the final part.

below the cera sim black hawk video review (click image to view)


Q. Who tests the helicopters and flight dynamics ?
In most of the cases we work with real pilots who execute the required testing. In some cases we are limited for example FSX/P3D has not made yet fixed the corrections for helicopter flight dynamics.


Q. Whats your favourtite helicopter simulator ?
There is a great range of platforms but our favourite is Xplane, P3D & DCS.


Q. Apart from your own helicopters which other helicopters do you like ?
We like the products made by Nemeth Design and DCS Helicopters.

below the cera sim bell 222 video review



Q. Which software do you use to create the helicopters ?

We use Photoshop, 3dmax, Adobe Audition, Editx.


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