About Belsimtek

Belsimtek are a major name in Flight Simulation. They have produced some of the most realistic and amazingly detailed helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for DCS, the Digital Combat Simulator. One of their helicopters the DCS Huey was voted best helicopter across all sims by a poll conducted by See the Poll here.

dcshuey mi82 

Their current projects include the MI-24P helicopter. We're sure this is going to be of the highest quality just like their current helicopters the Huey and Mi-8. had the honour of being granted an exclusive interview with this giant of the simulator world. Read on and find out about this amazing company! 

Q. What does the name Belsimtek come from?

A. When team was being created the core staff was in Belarus, and registered address was in Belarus too. Belsimtek Company ("BelSimTek") was formed in 2011. Belsimtek is Belarusian engineering innovative company, which uses skills of scientists and high class engineers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine for creating professional level flight simulators and flight simulation computer games. All employees have university degree within their speciality, three of them have PhD.

Q. How many is in the team ?

A. Enough to make high quality DCS modules ?

Q. Which helicopters have you published and for which platforms ?

A. Currently we are working only for DCS World platform, our helicopter modules are: DCS: UH-1H and DCS: Mi-8MTV2.


Q. Which software do you use to create the helicopters ?

A. Microsoft Visual Studio, Autodesk 3DS MAX


3DS Max - used by Belsimtek to create the helicopters

Q. Who tests the helicopter flight models ?

A. Alpha testing is done by project lead, from first to last flight. At first real pilots do beta testing, then testers team.

Q. How long does it take to create, develop, test and produce a helicopter ?

A. In condition if all staff is directed to development of one module it will take from 14 months to 2 years, depends on complexity. Although with every developed module staff getting new experience which helps to speed up process in the future. But demand to the development objects precision and detail are growing constantly. Something we did simplified before, we are doing more realistically with every new module. 

Q. Have real pilots been involved in the development of the helicopters ?

A. Of course! If our pilots doesn't have enough expertise for certain type, we are involving pilots from the outside.


Real pilots do get involved in testing the helicopters

Q. Which is your favorite helicopter ?

A. The favorite is always the one that is currently in development

Q. Will you be creating helicopters for FSX/Xplane and P3D too?

A.  We didn't think about it yet, but who knows...

Q. Are you allowed to tell us which helicopters are in the pipeline for future release ?

A. For now only Mi-24P. Others could be planned but as we answered before, development time is not short, and in that time a lot can happen, so its not productive to make any solid statements at this time.


The MI-24P the next Belsimtek Helicopter? very much appreciate Belsimtek taking time out to talk to us. Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work! For more news on helicopter simulation join the largest and oldest helicopter community on facebook. Talk with major software developers, real pilots and fans of the genre. Click here to join.

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