Aerosoft Interview


The Aerosoft Interview


We add another huge name to our interview list, this time we speak to the simulation company Aerosoft. Aerosoft have provided many simulation titles over the years across a wide range of different simulation types including flight, trains and buses. We decided to find out more about the company and their plans for the future.

Q. Can you describe the origins of the name Aerosoft?

Aerosoft comes from the two words “Aero“ and “Software“. When we first started operating, we developed and published Software for pilot training and Add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator – so Airplane Software, but Aerosoft sounds more interesting.

Q. How long has Aerosoft been operating?

Aerosoft was founded in 1991, so it has been successful on the market for more than 25 years (which is quite old for a games company like ours).By the way, we are one of three oldest game companies in Germany.

below : Aerosoft Mega Airport Milan Malpensa. Click  image to view video


Q. What was Aerosoft’s first ever product?

In the software area, we first sold Software for pilot training. The first hardware, we developed and sold was the ACP – the Aircraft control panel which revolutionised the flight sim hardware market. Our first Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 was “Top Scenery Germany 1” in 1992.

Q. Where is the team based?

Our company headquarters is in Bueren, Germany - next to the Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport. Our subsidiary SimWare is based in Brussels and we have an office in France which handles our Airbus development. The developers whom we corporate with are based around the world.

below Mega Airport Frankfurt (click on image to enlarge)


Q. How many in the Team

We have over 30 employees; this does not include any developers. We are working together with over 50 freelance developers and companies like PMDG, Flight1, sim-wings, PILOT’s, Carenado, Just Flight, Laminar Research, IPACS and many more. We are also the European partner for GoFlight, VR Insight Honeycomb and Raildriver.

Q. Which products do Aerosoft develop themselves?

There is usually no company internal development of products, except our Airbusses. The procedure is usually that either the developer approaches us with an idea for a new product or if we have an idea, we approach them. There is one exception – PadLabs is a sister company and it develops Add-ons for flight and train simulation for us.

Q. Which is your most popular simulator game?

The XPlane series which we exclusively sell in Europe is our most successful flight simulation game. We furthermore have some very popular Add-ons for P3D. Aerofly FS2 has just started to sell and we have just released the first Add-ons for this flight simulator. Outside flight simulation our bus simulators OMSI and Fernbus are very successful as well as our Farming Simulator Add-on “Straw Harvest”.

Q. Which is the most popular flight simulator?

As far as we can see from our sales, P3D V4 is at present the N° 1 in flight simulation. FSX is still strong and X-Plane is growing fast. Especially version 11 has a great potential to become a new standard.

Q. What products are in the pipeline from Aerosoft in the near future?

There are numerous Add-ons for the Flight Simulators in the pipeline – especially the new Add-ons for the Aerofly FS 2 and XPlane which will be released are very promising. We are of course currently working on the A 330 and the A320/321 for P3Dv4.

below Mega Airport London Heathrow(click to enlarge image)

mage airport heathrow

Q. Which is your biggest selling product ?

We are very successful with XPlane 11 and its Add-ons. Our bus simulators are also very popular products.

Q. Are there any new simulators coming out for the PC ?

We are currently working on a new series of flight simulation products. Be excited, we will update you soon with more details. We also expect a Police Helicopter Game and some other simulation games this year.


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