Guimbal Cabri G2


GUIMBAL CABRI G2 Helicopter Review for  FSX/P3D 

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Finally a helicopter for P3D which proimises realism and a good flight model for helicopter simulation. MP Design Studios have delivered at last a helicopter worth buying for P3D. It also is available for FSX and P3Dv3.

For those of you wondering what the difference is between P3dv3 and P3dv4, basically without getting to bogged down in detail, v4 is the 64bit version, it's the latest version. As it is 64 bit it means less of those nasty out of memmory errors .P3Dv4 is 64bit software meaning it can address more memory. In 32bit software like P3DV3 even if you had 100GB Ram it could only address 2GB of memory causing the the software to crash and have out of memeory errors, which to me happened very often and became a cause of frustration which in turn made me shelve P3Dv3 and tuen to other simulators like FSX and X-Plane. Now that's no longer the case and with the addition of this helicopter to the series I can say P3Dv4 is back on my hard drive!

Introduction to the GUIMBAL CABRI G2

Without going into too much detail this helicopter is used for training and general aviation. First entering commercial service quite recently in 2008 it was actually had its origins in the 1980s and first demonstrator flew in 1992. It's country of origin is France and it's desinger was a chap named Bruno Guimbal. About 140 have been built at a cost of around $400 000. It can house a crew of 2 and it's top speed is 115mph. It can also cover a range of 380 Nautical Miles.


As you can see from the screenshots, what more can I say, great attention to detail, plenty of liveries to choose from , even a Union Jack livery for UK fans. The detail is not just apparent in the textures but also in the detail and functionality of the cockpit.

Doors can be opened, controls can be clicked on the dashboard, a working GPS system, lights, animated contrals and pilots included too!

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Flight Model

As many know FSX and P3D lack a great flight model for helicopters, only to my mind the Dodosim Bell 206 which adds it;s own flight dynamics is on a par with x-plane and DCS helicopters. Until now that was probably the only realistic helicopter available for FSX platform. Now MP Design studio have produced one that has great helicopter flight dynamics. Inclusined in the flight dynamics is Vortex Ring State, Translating Tendency effect, Lift Effect and Transvers flow effect. I wont go into detail of what this are but let's say it adds to the realism!

The Flying experience

It's very enjoyable to fly but beware it's not easy like the default FSX.P3D Helicopters, its realisitic therefore a challenge, it rmeinds me a lot of the x-plane R22 by dreamfoil, you have to be very precise and gentle with the contgrols, any heavy handed movements and you will probably spin around and around. Landing is hard as you have to watch the tail rotor does not hit the ground as you land, pay careful attention or you will get that amazing P3D/FSX Sound effect of a crash if you dont do it properly!

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Controls are as mentioned snesitive, you nee dprecision. I test the helicopter on  CH-Pedals Pro, CH- Fighter Stick and CH Throttle Pro. I did find under default settings that it was very sensitive on the rudder pedals. If you find this too then a simple solution as recommended by MP Design studio is to enter the following values in the aircraft.cfg file

Open the aircraft.cfg file located where the helicopter is stored in your P3D/FSX simulator and change the line below to yaw_dump_cf = 0.01. This fixed my issues.


The Video Review Click Below to watch the Video review




MP Design Studio offered me great support throught my testing, always on hand to answer questions even late at night at 10:30pm! Always willing to help so highly recommended.

We have a question and answer article with MP Design Studio here, see who they are and what they have planned for future helicopter simulation. You can also catch a video review by pcsimulators of this great helciopter by clicking this link or the picture below. If you havent joined up yet be sure to join our helicopter simulation community on Facebook here, it's the largest group on Facebook and memebers include real pilots, major software houses and many fans of helicopter simulation. Also you can follow us on twitter if you prefer here.