Aerosoft Q & A

Another giant of the simulation world talk to us. Aerosoft are veterans of the simulation gaming industry. Operating for more than 25 years, we speak to them about simulation gaming past, peresent and future!


pchelicopters.com interview Lockheed Martin, Developers of P3D

A huge name in real aircraft design and manufacture and also the developers of the excellent flight simulator P3D. Read our interview with them and find out their plans for the future both with regards to fxied wing and helicopter simulation.


Aérospatiale SA315B Lama

One of the best helicopters we've flown and it' Free. The Aérospatiale SA315B Lama helicopter flight simulator for Flightgear. Read out article and watch the review.

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X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 11 review

A much needed extra helicopter for X-Plane, X-Plane 11 now has the Bell 412 helicopter to fly as well. We review the X-Trident Bell 412.

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PCHelicopters.com and PCSimulators.org are growing rapidly at a tremendous rate. With over 1.8 Million Minutes viewed on our youtube channel and now pcsimulators.org and pchelicopters.com have over 22,000 followers on social media channels. PCHelicopters.com and our partner site PCSimulators.org have interviewed major names in the simulation world including Laminar Research, SCS, Bohemia Interactive IPACS,1C Publishing, TML Studios, Eagle Dynamics, Orbx, Razbam, Belsimtek, Miltech5, Polychop, Carenado, Nemeth Designs,Milviz, Cerasim, MP Design Studios and Maxflightsicks. We thank everyone for their support. 


The Best PC Helicopters - Our video on the best helicopter simulators for PC hits over 69000 views!

PChelicopters.com is a helicopter simulation website covering helicopter simulators on the PC across a wide range of flight simulators including FSX, P3D, DCS, X-plane, Take On Helicopters, Air Mission Hind and Arma. Check our video below covering the best helicopter simulators for PC



Austin  Meyer talks to PCHelicopters.com & PCSimulators.org

The founder of Laminar Research and creator of X-Plane talks to us. Read about what's in the pipeline for X-plane and helicopters for x-plane



It's Here ! - BO105 Trailer

Watch now , the trailer for the BO105 helicopter by Miltech-5

Eagle Dynamics speak to PCHelicopters.com


We talk to the developers of Digital Combat Simulator. To many the best combat flight simulator on the planet!


Bohemia Interactive - We talk to the developers of Arma 3 & Take on Helicopters


Another big name talks to pchelicopters.com. Bohemia interactive kindly made time to answer our questions. We asked about Arma 4, Arma Helicopters, Take on Helicopters and more. For the full article click here.


Eagle Dynamics, Bohemia Interactive, Belsimtek,Miltech-5,Polychop, MP Design Studios and MaxFlightStick mention PCHelicopters.com

We earned a mention on the social media sites and websites of  these awesome publishers. After our articles on Bohemia Interactive, Eagle Dynamics, Belsimtek , Miltech -5, Polychop, MP Design Studios and MaxFlightSticks, the articles are mentioned on their sites. We are delighted to have been able to write an article on these great developers of PC Simulation. Thank you guys!


We interview Chuck, famous for his awesome DCS guides ?

We speak to Chuck who is responsible for the excellent guides he created for DCS aircraft, to read the interview click the link above. With kind permission from Chuck find the links to these awesome guides from our Tutorial & Guides menu from the home page or from the side menu on the left under Guides. Chuck's guides are one of the premiere tools you should have in your library to learn how to fly these amazing DCS helicopters!  Chuck is also an avid PCHelicopters.com reader! Thanks Chuck for allowing us to link to your excellent guides. We are adding guidesa and tutorials for all helicopter simulators in the coming months.


Milviz talk to PCHelicopters.com

mv logo

A major developer in helicopter simulation on the PC speaks tp PCHelicopters.com

The Cera Sim Interview

We speak to Cera Sim to find out more about this veteran of helicopter simulation


Nemeth Designs interviewed by pchelicopters.com


We speak to one of the oldest heliciopter addon developers for the PC. Nemeth designs have been developing Helicopter addons for Flight Simulator since 2003. Read the article to find out more about them


Polychop Simulations talk to PCHelicopters.com

Polychop Simulations Logo

Polychop join Belsimtek, Miltech-5, MP Design Studio and MaxFlightSticks in talking to PCHelicopters.com. The creators of the DCS Gazelle talk to us about who they are, the DCS Gazzelle and more. Read about this fantastic company here.


It's finally here, the highly anticipated preview of Miltech-5's BO105 Helicopter for DCS. Read the article on our official website. You won't be disappointed!

We preview one of the most highly anticipated helicopters for DCS, the BO105 by Miltech-5.


Interview with Belsimtek the makers of the DCS Huey and Mi-8 helicopters for DCS


We talk to Belsimtek the makers of the DCS Huey and the Mi-8 talk to pchelicopters.com read about it here

RAZBAM to make helicopters ?

Razbam to make helicopters for DCS? our friends at pcsimulators.org interviewed RAZBAM and they hinted at a possible helicopter release for DCS ! WOW. The full interview will be on their website soon so stay tuned!

Q .Any plans on making helicopters?

A. for DCSW? you bet, we ran a poll, the results were pretty clear, so clear i disclosed what our 1st DCSW helicopter project might be


Oliver Michel the head of Miltech-5 talks to PCHelicopters.com


Miltech-5 are working on the BO105 for DCS. Read about the creator and developer of this amazing helicopter and the company behind it.


We have reached over 2500 members in our Facebook community.

We are the largest and original helicopter simulators community on Facebook. A very big welcome to our new members.


Best Helicopter Simulators

We look at the best helicopter simulators for the PC. Check out our video here, with over 41000 views already it's one of our most popular videos!


Retro Helicopter Simulators for PC

We look back at Helicopter Simulation Gaming from the  1980s, 1990s and early 2000s and even provide links where you can still play some of the classics online!


The Best P3D Helicopter ?

We review the Guimbal Cabri G2 for P3Dv4 from MP Design Studio


Ultra Realistic Helicopter Controllers

We talk to MaxFlightStick who make amazingly realistic controllers for Helicopters Simulators


X-Plane Helicopters

We look at X-Plane Helicopters. Our latest article talks about which helicopters are available for x-plane and our favorites, we also have compiled a video of the best. Check out the article here.


Question and Answer session with MP Design Studio

The designers of many helicopters for FSX and P3D talk to PCHelicopters.com


What helicopter simulators do real life pilots use?

We asked real life helicopter pilots which simulators they use and which are the most realistic. Dont miss out on this exclusive article for pchelicopters.com


Helicopter Image of the week!

The most poular image on our community seems to have been the one below of the many KA-50s! Check out more from our helicopter simulators community

chinnok lights 


Helicopters across various simulators reviewed

The guys at pcsimulators.org with an in depth review of popular helicopters across the major PC Simulators. We look at the Huey, Mi-8, KA50, Dodosim Bell 206, Bell 407 and more! 


Free Helicopter Simulation - FlightGear Helicopters

Yes, its free. We look at the Free flightsimulator Flightgear and a selection of helicopters here. 


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Facebook Helicopter Simulators Community continues to grow.

Our helicopter simulators community is the Oldest and Largest community on Facebook. Members include real life pilots from civilian and military backgrounds, major software developers of helicopter simulators like Polychop, X-Trident, Dreamfoil, FSX and Flightgear as well as many enthusiats of the awesome helicopter hobby! Join our friendly community, unlike other groups with power hungry admins we have no strict rules so you are free to ask what you want to our experts! JOIN NOW



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